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Poetry Magazine (September 2014)

Poetry Magazine (September 2014) - Don Share, John Ashberry, Arthur Vogelsang, Robert Fernandez, Dana Levin, Susan Barba, Stephen Sandy, Amy Beeder, Kay Ryan, Noah Warren, Douglas Kearney, Lesley Wheeler, Henri Cole, Catherine Field, Sylvia Legris, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, John Koethe, Francine J. Harris, D. #IV of "The Beatitudes of Malibu" by Rowan Ricardo Phillips, finally answers the question... "What the hell really happened that time out on the highway, when Mel Gibson was ranting to the cops." I really wished a newscaster would have just said this, and then we could have all said..."Oh, I get it now. Clown."

Catherine Fields's "Mythic Beaver"? That's MY DAD inside that box! :-) Thank you for reminding me of him there.