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HCSB SOLO: An Uncommon Devotional

HCSB SOLO: An Uncommon Devotional - Broadman Holman This Review originally appears here:

HCSB SOLO - Review

Unlike almost all devotionals, the SOLO is what I would consider a "24 hour" commitment.

Where we are historically used to a chosen scripture(s) to be read, maybe the addition of an assignment for a daily reading plan, and a commentary on the selected scripture, the SOLO takes on a more detailed approach, one that requires the reader to put the digestion and implementation of the material at a higher priority than the accomplishment of conquering the material.

How does it work?
  • The passage focused on is given.
  • An extended passage is given to elaborate on the focus.
  • Suggestions on ways the selection can be read to change or enhance view.
  • Instructions of the need to, and way to think and digest the focus.
  • Discussion on prayer over the focus, and possible petitions.
  • The implementation of the reading, thinking, and praying, to apply them to yourself.

The seventh day is used mainly as a reflection of the 6 days prior, and a re-assessment of that particular past week, something that also sets it apart from many Bible based devotions. No matter what day your Bible based Judeo-Christian worldview assigns as the "day of rest/Sabbath", the reading is easily adapted to, because it is not arranged by date, simply by days in order; 1,2,3... And the day of rest/Sabbath reflections better allow us to comprehend that it is a day of worship as well, a day to reflect on Yahweh/Yeshua, and their role in your life, as well as your role in their Will.

With so many devotionals out there catering to the most popular translations, it is wonderful to see such a heavy commitment to study using the HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible), which has been quite up and coming, for quite some time now.

This is a quality trade paperback, well constructed, and will stand the test of a 365 day usage, and will allow for generous highlighting, as well as supplying ample room around the content for your own personal notes. If you are looking for a workhorse to attack the HCSB "head first", and give it the academic and personal attention of a full blown, in-depth, overall study of the Bible, this companion would be my first pick as a temporal tool.