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Rejoice in Christ: Daily Insight From the Book of Mormon

Rejoice in Christ: Daily Insight From the Book of Mormon - Ed J. Pinegar, Richard J. Allen This review originally appears here:

Review - Rejoice in Christ

Is this particular devotional going to be of any real interest to anyone outside of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? No.

Is that ok? Is that a good thing? Sure it is.

With almost every devotional out on the market containing no references to “anything Mormon”, it is refreshing to see a Devotional designed specifically designed to take the LDS Church member through a daily living reading of messages from Church leaders, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, some scant Bible references, and just some plain old questions and comments to reflect on.

This devotional is not meant to be an apology for “Mormonism”, it was not written to defend, justify, it is simply what I would consider an excellent companion to your daily Bible devotional.

Many do not realize that LDS members in fact read and believe both the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, and this is a good opportunity to use this devotional to better understand the Bible, because read alongside a daily Bile devotional, it gives one a much greater insight into the Book of Mormon being “another testament of Jesus Christ”.

For the non-LDS apologist seeking to better know and understand the Judeo-Christian worldview from the “Mormon” POV, this devotional would be a great window into the local Ward/Branch, and its members in your city.

Listening to the words of Church leaders commenting on the works in the LDS canon, and how they should be applied to their members will very easily de-mystify the fear and misunderstanding generated by what other denominations apologists define as a “cult”.

Overall I would suggest this devotional to each and every member, of every stake across the world. It would make a great resource to turn every night into a FHE (Family Home Evening). What an opportunity it would be to share this devotional time with the kids, read to, and along with them.